List WiFi Channels using command line tools

In a busy area multiple WiFi Routers and Access Points may cause co-channel Interference (CCI) and adjacent channel interference (ACI). This is pure physics, in short simplified description: if two APs are using the same channel that means that they are using the same frequency and the waves are interfering. So what can you do? Choose […]

Automatic download of Azure invoices from multiple subscriptions

Are you chased by your finance department to give them the invoices of all of your Azure subscriptions? The answer “You can download them from the portal…” is not enough for them? Here is a tool that can help both you and them. Use PowerShell to download all your invoices! Microsoft.Azure.Commands.Billing namespace is your friend. The  Get-AzureRmBillingInvoice has […]

HTTPS redirect from all HTTP addresses to the same URL

While configuring my WordPress site for this blog I wanted to make sure that all content is delivered to the readers through HTTPS. I really like the Let’s Encrypt initiative to provide free certificates so there is no excuse now not to use HTTPS in any websites, including personal blogs. I will write a post soon about […]

Welcome to my Tech Blog

I learn something new every day. I learn from my younger (sometimes form older 🙂 ) colleagues, from blog posts, from conference speakers, from YouTube videos and I also learn by making my hands dirty and spending hours with trying out something that usually fails for the first try. As I’m getting older it is […]